Chairman's message

Over the years, our MPL Group has successfully garnered a reputation for establishing an unrivaled quality, flexibility and reliability across our product range and service offerings. The Group endeavors to exceed its customer’s expectations.

Today, as our business grows, we remain committed to our core philosophy of producing high-quality products that comply with the highest international standards. The Group also believes in nurturing mutually beneficial partnerships with its customers, investing in human capital and maintaining its position as a good corporate entity.

As a premier player in the region’s steel and cement industries, the Group has ambitious growth plans in today’s competitive market environment. It proposes to prepare to rebrand itself to face all future challenges, promises to make its products better. The MPL Group aims to continue to work towards enhancing its reputation by continuously improving in all sectors it operates in.

As an existing or potential customer, your support is highly valued as we continue to grow and take part in the process of Nation building, Together.

Ramniranjan Agarwal