The Growth Journey of ERW Pipes

Summary: Pipes and tubes are used in multiple industrial applications and engineering processes. Customers can choose between seamless or ERW pipes. Here are the details of both and which one is better.

Pipes and tubes find a use in various industrial applications, especially in the transport of oil, gas, water etc from one place to another. They are also used in engineering processes like scaffolding, line pipes, fencing etc. This said; availability of high quality pipes that adhere to the standard requirements of these applications is a must.

Moreover, industrial applications have witnessed significant advancements in the recent past. Piping products that serve these applications must also grow equally to match the advanced requirements of industries.

Well, this leads to the discussion of the different types of pipes; the most popular ones being seamless pipes and welded pipes. The term seamless signifies pipes that are free from joints, thus, making them sturdier and leak-proof. However, welded pipes are not far behind in performance; even more when high frequency electric resistance welding is done.

Electric Resistance Welded (ERW) Pipes

Welded pipes are manufactured from long coiled steel ribbons known as skelp. The skelp is cut into the desired length and is passed through rolling machines that curl the edges to form a circular or rectangular shape, depending on the requirement. Pipes of varying thickness, length and breadth matching different requirements can be made.

Electric current is then passed between the edges, causing them to melt and thus, fuse together. These pipes are better known as electric resistance welded pipes (ERW). However, the manufacturing process used low frequency electric current in the period between 1920 and 1970. These pipes were subject to corrosion and seam failure, thereby suffering from problems like leakages and shorter life span. Seamless pipes were therefore, preferred for their longer life span and better performance; despite being expensive. Post 1970, manufacturers moved over to the high frequency current for welding, which made the pipe stronger and sturdier, thereby making them an effective alternative to seamless pipes. As ERW pipes are easier to manufacture, they are more cost effective. What’s more; thanks to high frequency welding, the risks are ruled out, thus, making it the right choice for many industrial applications. Moreover, manufacturers like the MPL group that work with the motto of happy clients offer high quality ERW tubes and pipes. Their hard work has helped them earn the title of the best pipe manufacturer in South India. They are the chosen MS ERW pipe tubes manufacturers and square pipe manufacturers.

Well, while choosing the pipes required for the applications, it is important to keep certain things in mind. Engineers list out the number and grade of pipes required. All grades are not manufactured by both methods; seamless and ERW. As high frequency ERW pipes are effective alternatives to seamless pipes, it is advisable to consult the manufacturer about the kind of pipe available to meet their requirement. The decision can be based on their expert suggestion. What’s more, each and every person working at the MPL group works with the motto of providing the best quality product to their esteemed customers. So, whichever pipe, the quality is bound to be the best.

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