The Need for Scaffolding

Summary – It is impossible to complete most construction projects without a scaffolding. The scaffold fulfills various purposes in construction work. But using the right paraphernalia is crucial.

Scaffolding is required for most kinds of construction, repair, maintenance or even demolition jobs. This is a temporary raised structure that works as a platform for workers when they are working on building or maintenance projects. Any kind of big or small work on domestic, commercial or public buildings calls for a scaffold.

The frame-like arrangement made with materials provided by scaffolding suppliers is commonly used on site for various reasons:

 Accessibility – Scaffolding is essential for constructing high-rise structures. The raised height allows the workers easy access to the higher segments of the building. It also facilitates working in difficult to reach areas of the walls or ceilings. The strategic positioning allows tasks to be completed more easily and efficiently than when using a ladder.

 Safety – The scaffold serves as a secure platform for workers when they are working at heights for extended periods of time. As the workers can maintain their balance while working, the risk of injuries is greatly reduced. It also lowers the risk of falling and keeps them secure even during wet or windy weather.

 Stability – The scaffold provides a flat and balanced platform unlike the inclined instability of a ladder. It also makes it easy for many workers to work simultaneously on a building. The work proceeds at a much faster pace and can be completed quickly. The scaffolding also doubles up as a form of support for the structure while it is under construction.

 Provide Materials – The scaffolding serves as an easy route to transport materials and tools to the workers working at the higher levels of the building. The workers can also easily carry their own tools and equipment while climbing the scaffolding. They even use the scaffold to tether their tools without the risk of them falling down and injuring someone on the ground.

Scaffolding is of different types like supported platform, suspended, adjustable, mobile, etc. The arrangement can vary from single pole to stairway towers and birdcage. Furthermore, it can be made of various materials like wood, bamboo and steel.

The latter is a much safer scaffold as it is made with steel tubing provided by MS square pipe suppliers in Hyderabad rather than bamboo or wooden sticks tied with rope. Steel scaffolding uses various secure accessories like cup-lock systems, base plate, adjustable props and couples that are also provided by scaffolding system manufacturers. This steel scaffold is definitely firmer and steadier of all the types of scaffolding. It is easy to erect and more durable as well.

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