The Varied Uses of Steel Pipes

Summary – Steel pipes are considered the pipes of choice for various applications across industries and uses. The excellent properties of steel stand them in good stead and render them suitable for use.

Iron and steel pipes are very versatile and find usage across varied industries. Despite the newer types of pipes cropping up on the radar, these longstanding pipes made by steel and iron pipes manufacturers still enjoy steadfast patronage. This is primarily because of the excellent characteristics and benefits of the same.

It should be noted that steel is made from iron along with other alloys. As steel displays better properties than iron in terms of corrosion resistance, durability and cost-effectiveness, it is the more commonly used pipe today.

Let us look at some of the regular uses of steel pipes:

 Piping – Steel pipelines form the general conduit for transporting water from one place to another. They are especially preferred for drinking water as they don’t rust and there is no likelihood of anything leaking into the water. Steel pipes are used everywhere in houses, offices and buildings not just for supplying water, but in storm water drains, underground drainage and sewage as well. While cast iron pipes are preferred for major water distribution works, steel pipes are commonly used internally for taps, showers and other such uses.

 Construction – The building and construction industry relies heavily on steel pipes for various uses. It’s not just plumbing; they are generally used as construction piling as they can support the weight of heavy buildings, especially when the soil is too weak. The same pipes are also used in the architectural designing and construction of the various elements of the building itself – like columns, handrails, chimney pipes, exhaust pipes and more. Steel is favored for fences and poles too.

 Scaffolding – Temporary raised platforms are made using steel pipes and other accessories to allow workers to access the higher levels and other hard to reach areas for construction, repair and maintenance works.

 Oil and Gas – Steel pipes are used not just to supply oil and gas to homes and offices but also in the extraction of oil/gas from the bowels of the earth. The strength and corrosion-resistance properties make steel pipes ideal for withstanding the harsh environments. Steel pipes are also used to transport oil and gas to different parts of the world.

 HVAC – Steel pipes are considered suitable for all heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Apart from this, they are used in cold storage applications too.

 Mining and Irrigation – Steel pipes can be made to penetrate into the earth and are suitable for mining metals and minerals. They are also used for borewell and irrigation applications.

 Industries – Steel pipes are used across industries like dairy, food processing, refineries, textiles, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, power plants, ship building, firefighting equipment and many more.

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