Late Mr. Mohanlal Agarwal held the belief that business should not function amorally but instead should contribute to the welfare of communities and entities directly or indirectly. We carry the same belief forward while engaging in several activities that reflect the commitment towards creating a congenial atmosphere in society.

Activities sponsored by us under the SPM banner

    • Shivdutt Prahalad Rai Trust: The trust provides education to around 3000 students in the rural districts of Rajasthan, with the purpose of imparting quality education at a nominal fee.
    • SMT Bhagwan Devi Hospital: Donations help to serve the 100 bed hospital which serves over 10,000 patients annually.
    • Gandhi Hospital – The group donated a Respiratory Intensive Care Unit (R.I.C.U.) to Gandhi Hospital with 5 state-of-the-art ventilator systems, 10 medical beds, and other essential medical equipment.
    • Donation to Ekal Vidyalaya
    • Shivdutt Rai Prahalad Kalyan Mandapam at Netaji Nagar
    • Kerala flood relief donation: MPL donated Rs 5 Lakhs to alleviate the pain and loss caused by the flood
    • Recently, the group sponsored raw material for the Roll Cage of the All-Terrain vehicle designed and fabricated by Students of the Mechanical Engineering Department MVSR Engineering College, Hyderabad.